Welcome to the website of Bath United Methodist Church.As pastor, I want to tell you that you are welcome to anything else we have as well.Worship, fellowship, education, outreach, service to community and each other; we here at BUMC want to be the church that reaches out to you.


Our worship is a blend of the old and the new.We follow a liturgy, but leave plenty of room for spontaneity.Our music runs from traditional hymnody to folk and jazz.We love kids and do our best to make them feel that they belong.We try to be relaxed and informal, but always in awe of the God we worship through Godís son Jesus Christ.


We are committed to learning and spiritual growth, too.Weekly Bible studies, Sunday school, and special learning events keep our minds growing.A weekly prayer hour, and regular times of prayer throughout the week, keeps us centered on Christ.Tres Dias weekends, times of intensive spiritual renewal, deepen our relationship with Christ and our commitment to his church.


And we work.We are deeply involved in the local food cupboard, soup kitchen, and clothing exchange.Through monthly public suppers, and food booths at local community events, we are among our friends in the city, offering a friendly face and something yummy to eat.


We would love to be YOUR church.If you are looking for a church home, or just wondering what this church thing is all about, come on in and see.We want the love of Jesus Christ to touch your life, and we would love to be the setting in which that can happen for you.


Thanks for stopping by the website, and may God bless you today and every day.