Who are Bath United Methodists?

The Bath United Methodist Church belongs to the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church whose headquarters are in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  

We are a small, vital congregation in the riverside city of Bath, Maine (Pop. 9,284) with a love for Jesus, a passion for social justice, an appetite for prayer, a yearning for peace and a commitment to love our neighbors around the world.   We enjoy music, children, doing good and one another.   We cooperate with other churches in the city, and with other United Methodists in the larger region, in worship services, song fests, ecumenical programs, and fellowship.

In 2007, we left our historic church home on Beacon Street, and moved into our new facility on Oak Grove Avenue.   This new venue will allow us to offer ourselves more fully to our community, and invite our neighbors to bring their projects and events into our larger, fully accessible facility.   As we work toward the completion of the building, we look forward to being a welcoming space for Bath and all the surrounding communities.

We invite you to become a part of our ministry.   Spread your spiritual wings and fly with us to the charted lands of tomorrow.

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